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How Radio Stations Make a Profit

Terrestrial radio stations are known to air free to their viewers but they still need to make money in order to stay afloat. They have expenses such as paying employees and covering other needs that will practically mint away at money. They are known to employ well over twenty employees for the smaller radio stations, and we wouldn’t want to imagine how many the larger ones have. That is the reason why in this article, we are going to look into how radio stations make a profit.

Ad Sales

Most of the revenue that radio stations make is through advertisements. The most common type of advertising in through on air advertising. When certain companies wish to reach out to their audiences through messages, these radio stations can sell them airtime. The cost of the ads depends on the length, the time, and the show on which they air the adverts. Positioning of the ad is very important as it is what will determine the impact with the shows airing immediately before or after a show commanding the highest rates. Those that are read by the media personalities tend to command more, and especially if it is by a prominent personality.


Holding sponsored events that are sponsored by advertising partners is yet another way that radio stations make their money. During these events, they attract new listeners while bringing in extra money through ticket sales and merchandising. During these events, the popular radio presenters get to mingle with the audience, letting them into their lives. Depending on the venue, some tickets can cost quite a penny, bringing the earnings up.

How Radio Stations Make a Profit


Every radio station is always looking out for fresh talent, for the next big personality to come on air. This is because it is bound to make the rating go higher, and that means that there will be more money earned from ads. There is also the fact that these radio stations can sell the rights of their shows to other stations, and this can involve a huge exchange of dollars. This is because the other shows probably want to improve their ratings by having popular shows.

Selling Newscasts

This is common because of the need for news stations there is sometimes a need for every station to manage its own reporters. A great example of selling these hourly feeds or direct news wire is if NBC News Radio had a person covering a breaking news, or a live event, they could make the newscasts available to other radio stations through ISDN. This way, the other stations can purchase the feed and run it on their own. This is one source of good revenue for any radio station.

Park View Credit Review

I’m guessing that you’re now wondering how you too can open your own radio station. The truth is that it can be pretty capital intensive and you would need to have a good credit line in order for you to get a loan, and that is the reason why we would like to do a Park View Credit repair review. This is a financial services company that is located in Van Nuys, California, although they offer their services throughout the country. The main goal of the company is to help people with low credit scores with financial assistance as they improve their overall credit scores. The company has over 8 years of experience in the industry, and according to their website, they have a success rate of 85%. They offer free consultations once one signs up by filling in a web form on their website or calling them.

They then have their certified credit analysts review the credit history detail to help figure out what could be bringing the scores down, and how they can be improved. They will then advise you on the way forward, their legal team even handling any resolutions that you may have.

What to Expect When You Sign Up for an Account

After signing up, here is what you should expect:

  • Free credit evaluation.
  • Signing up is via phone or online
  • Furnish the company with your name, phone number, and email during the sign up process
  • The company I’ll call you after signing up on the number you provided.
  • If you opt to become a member, there will be a more extensive credit consultation than the free one initially provided
  • There is no type of obligation to sign up even when Park View Credit pulls your credit report

What Can Be Removed from Your Credit Report?

The negative things below are removed from the report:

  • Late payments
  • Collections
  • ​Medical bills
  • ​Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures


  • The company has licensed attorneys
  • There are customer testimonials and deletion results on their website
  • There is customer service chat support
  • Availability of many discounts for services


  • Complaints on billing procedures
  • One has to familiarize themselves with the fees before hiring the company, namely the initial fee, the set-up fee, the installment fee, and the monthly fees

Price Breakdown

You’ll first pay an initial price of $59, which will be followed by individual charges for each negative item, ranging between $200 to $800. Those that are faced with situations foreclosures, bankruptcies, and repossessions are the ones that are bound to pay more.


It is easy to open your own radio station as long as you do thorough research and find out the needs and conditions. When it comes to finances, make sure that you have a good credit score in order to qualify for a loan to boost your funds. If you don’t, don’t hesitate to reach out to Park View Credit for help in getting your credit score back high.

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Tips for Expanding Your Radio Station

You need a lot of guts to start up a radio station of your own.  The licensing and registration process itself is tremendously difficult and expensive and then there is the broadcasting gear that is so tough to manage and so expensive to maintain. But all of this is definitely worth your effort if you can one day be the owner of a fantastic and popular radio station.  It is important to keep expanding your radio station and your coverage area as far and frequently as possible so your listeners will continue loving your station and so you can keep generating more and more listeners.  Here are some great tips on expanding your radio station;


Rent property for your towers

A lot of cell companies will rent you a space on their towers for your broadcasting gear but not everyone is that accommodating.  There are a lot of competitors out there for communication and marketing companies.  It is no surprise if you are forced to construct your own towers to get your radio signal out there.  Luckily you can save a bit of cash on your expansions by renting your tower property instead of buying it directly from the landowner.  TowerLeases is a fantastic lease negotiation company that can help you with all of the leasing contracts and negotiations and they can help you get the right locations for your towers from interested landlords.  You can click here to find out more about this fantastic company’s services.


Rent-to-own broadcasting equipment

A lot of companies will give you the opportunity to rent broadcasting equipment with the option to upgrade once your contract expire or to own it once the equipment is paid off in full. This can save you a lot of instant capital.


Study your expanding market frequently

Different people have different tastes.  You should always do proper research on the market of new areas to establish whether it is worth the investment of expanding to these areas.  If people are form a different culture, religion or taste than what your radio station offers then you should either be willing to change your style or consider a different area.


Upgrade your entertainment programs regularly

Radio stations are always battling to get the latest songs, news and hits broadcasted and can easily forget to update or change their daily programs a bit. It can be great for your radio station if you can get a new program every month or so or at least do different and interesting talk shows every now and then to keep listeners entertained and interested in your program.


Don’t over advertise

Yes, the radio adverts you broadcast on your station is basically your main income for your radio station and it is incredibly important to keep your business in the green but it is also important to consider your listeners.  Too many adverts can easily annoy your listeners and will result in reduced popularity for your station.  It is much better to increase your advertising fees rather than overpopulate your broadcasts with commercial content.

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4 Things You Can Talk About On Your Radio Show

Are you a radio jockey who wants to grab the attention of his/her audience? Have you run out of topics to talk about on your radio show? There are certain topics that will never get old or boring – there will always be things that can be said and discussed about those topics. Here are a few things that you can talk about on your radio show that will not only spark the interest of your audience but also fire up lengthy discussions.

4 Things You Can Talk About On Your Radio Show

  1. Relationships

Humans can’t stay in isolation. As human beings, we are naturally inclined to have emotions and feelings for one another. When it comes to relationships, everyone will have opinions and experiences that can be shared. Whether it’s between friends, partners, parents or siblings; relationships will always be talked about.

On your radio show, you can give out valuable relationship advices if you like. Additionally, you can ask your audience to call in and share their experiences and what they have learnt from those experiences as well. You can even provide emotional support to your audience if you’d like, and have discussions over relationship problems too. Factors like lack of communication, personal involvement and worldly distractions can be discussed in detail.

  1. Home Maintenance

Home maintenance and décor is a hot topic these days. When it comes to home maintenance, everything can be discussed. From room renovations to complete house makeovers to small décor tweaks – you can talk about it all.

You can even talk about products that are loved by people. Dynatrap is an all-time favorite of people who want to get rid of bugs and insects from their houses. You can share information about it with your audience and even link them to check out its reviews over here:

  1. Food

We all need food to survive, right? But these days, food has spread out to much more than just for survival purposes. People are keen about different types of cuisines and types of food. In addition to that, you can talk to your audience about vegan and non-vegan options.

As a radio show host, you can share recipes that your listeners could note down and cook in no time. You can even share reviews of restaurants that open up – their ambiance, taste and service can be discussed. To make it a more participative discussion you can ask your audience to pitch in their own reviews and opinions about different types of foods, recipes as well as restaurants.

  1. Education

Education is a must these days. Despite having said that, there are still millions of people around the world who are deprived of this privilege. You can ask your audience to pitch in their views about the importance of education, the new fields and majors that can be studied as well as practical application of education.

You can even talk about scholarship offerings, tips on how such scholarships can be scored etc. Additionally, donations can also be collected to offer support to children who want to educate themselves.

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Quitting Your Job to Start Another Career

There is a big possibility that you have just quit your job because you would like to start another career. The career that you may want to have may not be something that is considered usual. For example, a career in radio is not considered to be usual. There are a lot of people who like it but would rather not do it because they are not sure how they can be successful at it.

When you decide to have a career in radio, you should at least think about the following:

  • You may need to send yourself to school because you need a degree in order to qualify for some of the jobs that are available.
  • You would have to encounter a lot of rejections before you will be given a chance.
  • You need to purchase the right gear or at least rent a studio so that you can create your very own demo tape.

You know that it can be hard to start a career in radio if you do not have enough money saved up. Perhaps you would like to check your self managed superannuation fund so that you can use it for your current needs.

Quitting Your Job to Start Another Career

It can become frustrating at times and there will be times when you would wish that you have never quit your old job but remember that if you are only working in order to get money, then you will not have any passion for it. You will probably just do mediocre work because you do not particularly like what you are doing.

Here are some of the benefits of quitting a job that you do not like to start the career that you have always wanted:

  1. You know that you will be able to make new friends.

You may have made friends in your old office but with most colleagues, you usually just leave and you would lose contact. Before you realize it, you are not friends anymore. When you start another career, you can always build relationships with other people. You may never know, you may even find lasting relationships.

  1. You can work on something that you have always wanted to do.

You know that it can be hard to have a career in radio but as long as it is your passion, you will be determined to make it work. Even if you have to work long hours at times or even if you would make mistakes, you know that you will still be happy because you are doing something that you have always wanted to do.

  1. You will be in a better mental and psychological state.

When you have a career that you do not particularly like or if you are doing something that you are not exactly proud of, you know that you may be feeling sad even when there is nothing to be sad about. Quitting your job and doing something else that you want to do will make a huge difference on your current state of mind.

With all of these things in mind, you know that you have made the right decision to quit. You will find your passion and you would work on it to the best of your abilities.

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The Benefits of Satellite Radio

Most people listen to some form of radio whether it’s with a music system or online and everyone loves satellite radio. This has become such a popular option for millions of people and it isn’t hard to see why. However, for some they don’t really see the benefits of using satellite radio. So, what are those benefits? Read on to find out more:

Free To Listen

One of the more positive benefits associated with satellite radio has to be the fact that you never have to pay for a subscription. The radio can be listened to whenever you feel like it and you don’t have to worry about paying out hundreds per month or per year in order to listen. This means you can sit back and enjoy all of those hit songs and news updates without paying a penny. You may not realize it but it is quite amazing and most people enjoy it.

You Can Listen Wherever Whenever

Another big benefit of choosing satellite radio has to be the ability of freedom. You get to listen to the radio whenever wherever and you never have to worry about stations going off air. If one radio station doesn’t have what you like, you can simply switch over. This is great and you can take a small portable satellite radio wherever you go. It is fantastic because if you wanted to keep updated with the news or weather when travelling you can and even keep updated with sports too.

Keep Updated With the Latest Goings On

We all listen to the news at some point during the day whether it’s to find out what is going on locally or nationally and with satellite radio you can find out what’s happening. You don’t have to wait for the 6 o’clock news, as you can simply get quarterly updates on the news and weather. This is great and being able to keep updated with the latest news stories can be important for some. You are going to love how easy it is to listen to satellite radio and the great a variety it can offer.

Is Satellite Radio For You?

There are many great radio stations for you to tune into which means that you don’t have to worry too much about finding a good station. You can find news stations; music dedicated to rock or country or can find a new mix radio station which offers something for everyone. Satellite radio is a great little invention and it remains extremely popular today.

Love Radio

You may not think the radio is an important part of your life, but just think about it for a moment. How often do you listen to the radio? Most days, once a week or even constantly? It can certainly become an important part of society and it really is a valuable tool. You are going to love how much choice you have on offer with the radio and it will be something you take with you wherever you go.

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