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Tips for Expanding Your Radio Station

You need a lot of guts to start up a radio station of your own.  The licensing and registration process itself is tremendously difficult and expensive and then there is the broadcasting gear that is so tough to manage and so expensive to maintain. But all of this is definitely worth your effort if you can one day be the owner of a fantastic and popular radio station.  It is important to keep expanding your radio station and your coverage area as far and frequently as possible so your listeners will continue loving your station and so you can keep generating more and more listeners.  Here are some great tips on expanding your radio station;


Rent property for your towers

A lot of cell companies will rent you a space on their towers for your broadcasting gear but not everyone is that accommodating.  There are a lot of competitors out there for communication and marketing companies.  It is no surprise if you are forced to construct your own towers to get your radio signal out there.  Luckily you can save a bit of cash on your expansions by renting your tower property instead of buying it directly from the landowner.  TowerLeases is a fantastic lease negotiation company that can help you with all of the leasing contracts and negotiations and they can help you get the right locations for your towers from interested landlords.  You can click here to find out more about this fantastic company’s services.


Rent-to-own broadcasting equipment

A lot of companies will give you the opportunity to rent broadcasting equipment with the option to upgrade once your contract expire or to own it once the equipment is paid off in full. This can save you a lot of instant capital.


Study your expanding market frequently

Different people have different tastes.  You should always do proper research on the market of new areas to establish whether it is worth the investment of expanding to these areas.  If people are form a different culture, religion or taste than what your radio station offers then you should either be willing to change your style or consider a different area.


Upgrade your entertainment programs regularly

Radio stations are always battling to get the latest songs, news and hits broadcasted and can easily forget to update or change their daily programs a bit. It can be great for your radio station if you can get a new program every month or so or at least do different and interesting talk shows every now and then to keep listeners entertained and interested in your program.


Don’t over advertise

Yes, the radio adverts you broadcast on your station is basically your main income for your radio station and it is incredibly important to keep your business in the green but it is also important to consider your listeners.  Too many adverts can easily annoy your listeners and will result in reduced popularity for your station.  It is much better to increase your advertising fees rather than overpopulate your broadcasts with commercial content.

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