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Why Should You Get Involved in Your College Radio?

Being a part of college radio is not on the list of most of the students. They have lots of other stuff they want to do when they are in college. This might not sound your type of thing, but it is rewarding and fun at the same time. You must go for it especially if journalism is your subject. You would learn numerous things. Plus, you would have experience of work that you can use to make your resume attractive after your college. It can turn your life in many ways, and some of these are:

It enhances your verbal communication skills:

As a deejay, playing music is the main job, and it goes hand in hand with talking. On this job, you would get a chance to host radio shows. This is where you verbal skills are sharpened. The plus point of hosting a show on radio is you speaking to a large number of people without having them rubbernecking at you. Moreover, speaking your heart without a detailed script in your hand makes you even more spontaneous and thoughtful communicator.

It develops customer services skills:

Your achievement as a deejay is your audience happy with your show. That is the most significant and toughest thing to do. It requires efforts to make hundreds of folks satisfied at the same time. If you get the ability to do this, it is quite an accomplishment. In this job, you learn to answer the calls and handle requests politely and professionally. These are important business skills that would help you in your professional life.

It makes you responsible:

When you start working at a radio station, listeners and other staff are dependent on you for lots of things. You are responsible for keeping certain things going. For that, it is your responsibility to come on time and handle things. This way, you learn to run thing smoothly.

It gives you a relaxing period in the busy schedule:

This helps you get a break from your books, assignments, and exams. Spending time as a deejay with your friends gives you a chance to hang together, play music, and chitchat in between the duties. Additionally, you are introduced to new music. In addition to the relaxing period during work, you can enjoy your new amazing playlist when you are home.

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